In 1999, Pet One Inc.was established with the vision of bringing quality dog food at an affordable price to the Philippine market. Six years after, Pet One launched its Dog Care on Wheels, advocating responsible pet ownership, rabies-control, health& wellness and animal welfare to Filipino pet lovers.

Pet One started its export sales of Pet One dog food to the Asia market in 2009, and expanded its product lines into cat food. A year after, it opened its first showcase store, My Pet One Station, at Tiendesitas Pet Village.

Another product was launched the following year, Koifu Koi food, due to the growing demand of koi hobbyists in the Philippines. In 2012, Pet One expanded its products by launching its Clean Canine Shampoo for pets.


At Pet One, we recognize that our pets are a part of our family and that their wellness ultimately leads to our own wellness. Our pets provide constant companionship, protection, and affection. The bond we have with our pets is just as important as the bond we have with family. And so we’ve committed ourselves to further strengthening that bond because a healthy pet begins with healthy pet food.


Pet One is a proudly homegrown Filipino pet food brand. We make it easy for pet lovers to provide their pets with a fresh and healthy diet. Our locally produced dog food uses quality natural ingredients that meets the complete nutritional needs of dogs without the artificial preservatives found in other imported products.We’ve made a conscious effort to eliminate artificial preservatives, coloring, and animal by-products. Our formulas concentrate on the natural flavors of the ingredients so it’s not just healthy, your dog will love it too.

ISO Certified Facilities

We’ve also set high standards for our pet food because our pets deserve only the best. From the formulation of our food to sourcing of the ingredients down to production, we follow rigorous international standards. Our production facility is located in Bulacan and has achieved ISO certifications on quality management, environmental consciousness, occupational health and food safety. These certifications are a testament to our commitment to delivering fresh &healthy pet food.

Quality Ingredients

Our ingredients are sourced from global partners in New Zealand, Holland, Canada, Germany, and the United States. And we use a world-class facility following strictly controlled processes. So you can be assured of a consistent premium quality pet food that provides a strong foundation for your pet’s long term health.


We envision providing total pet nutrition to all pets, beyond boundaries. We want to make our pet food available globally. Pet One currently has business alliances with China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan and Papua New Guinea and will continue to expand this network of partners. It is our promise to continuously innovate and create quality products that will enhance the health of our pets and ultimately the wellness of our families.